Whatever He Tells You to Do, Do It!

Friends, PLEASE DO NOT do what I’m about to tell you I did yesterday without hearing clearly from Holy Spirit, but be sensitive to His voice and do whatever He tells you!

So, yesterday on my way to the post office I noticed a handicapped man walking on the sidewalk with a cane. I prayed for his healing as I sped hurriedly on my way. When I arrived at the post office and bought my stamps, this same man was coming in. He just mailed one letter and simply stood there in the lobby not wanting to start his journey outside again.

I could tell he was from the Middle East. I felt strangely drawn to him, but still I didn’t speak. I slowly exited, almost waiting for him to come out hoping that I could say something to him…yet not knowing what!

I got into my car to leave and out he came, limping and looking up at the hot sun. He was mumbling something to himself as I drove away. Well, I didn’t get far. I was compelled to back up and greet this man!

“Excuse me, sir.”, I said sheepishly. “I saw you walking to the post office and I couldn’t help but notice that you are in pain. It’s hot and you have no ride. If you’ll allow me, I’d like to take you to your home.”

He smiled up to heaven. “Yes, please! Thank you! He spoke in a heavy accent. ”I just live down the street near Whole Foods.”

I rushed to open the car door for him and he painstakingly lifted his leg into the car. “My name is Cynthia. What’s yours?”

He told me his name and when I asked where he was from we both said, “Syria” at the same time! I greeted him in Arabic and told him I’m a Christian and just love helping people for God, (as I could almost read his mind asking why this woman is doing this for a stranger). He put his hand over his grateful heart. And just like that, I’d made a new friend.

Upon dropping him off at his house he insisted that I come in to meet his sons and wife who was cooking something delicious (see photo) and they offered to give me a whole pan of it!! Of course I was fasting…why, Lord!?) 🤣 But, I took one for tomorrow and not to offend. 😂

The children then happily reminded their mom, “We know her!” The younger son said that we were the people who come out to the neighborhood at Christmas and bring toys, gifts and food and we’d given gifts to them before. 🎁

Suffice it to say, I will see my new Syrian friends again and I will tell them more about Jesus and pray, but until then, I’m happy to just be The Master’s hands and feet! I hope this story encourages you also to always listen to that still, small voice of God guiding you to share His love wherever you go from day to day.

Love you guys!

Cynthia Murray, Founder